Board game «Liar Liar»

Board game «Liar Liar»

"Liar, liar" is a fun game for improvisation, in which players have to get used to the images of interesting characters or invent their hero's behavior and his "history."

There are 18 game sets in the game box. Each game set is 8 cards with characters. Each player receives a card with the character. Some cards indicate how the character should behave and what his role is. Other participants get cards in which there is only the name of the character. These players will have to improvise - to come up with the behavior of their hero and his actions in the game.

Игрокам нужно угадать — кто из участников играет «по карточке», а кто импровизирует.

Players need to guess — which of the participants plays "on the card", and who improvises.

The rules of the game «Liar, liar»

Download the rules of the board game «Liar, liar»

Cheerful improvisation game Liar Liar

Board Game Liar Liar to improvise

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